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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be AliveThe Ultimate

4. We were kinda kidding when we began describing liberalism as a mental illness. Now its painfully apparent that this is literally true. The postNovember 2016 triggering has been epic. And when Trump wins reelection (as he almost certainly will), expect heads to explode.

Humphrey Backs Mondale; Says He'll Seek Reelection The

Feb 23, 19740183;32;Sen Humphrey says he will run for reelection to Sen in '76, and not for Pres nomination; supports Sen Mondale for Dem Pres nomination, saying Mondale should run in

Recognizing God's Hand in Donald Trump's Election

Nov 06, 20170183;32;Charisma Media Founder, Steve Strang, discusses the election and the possibility of supernatural interference. WATCH more stories CLICK to

2020 Election Odds Who Will Be The Next US President?

The 2020 US Presidential election race has been a rollercoaster.. The first party votes were cast in the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary. Bernie Sanders emerged as the frontrunner.Joe Biden was buried. Election betting markets at European sportsbooks like bet365 and betway priced them accordingly.. Then everything changed.

Presidential Reelection Cliffhangers Are Rare National

The 1888 election was fought on a very narrow map It was the third consecutive election in which the outcome was decided by less than 2 percent of the vote in New York, then the nations

Media Outlets Reported That Tom Steyers Campaign Trolled

Trumps campaign prides itself on hoarding websites of political opponents, but they forgot to pick up the URL for their signature reelection slogan, Keep America Great,' Steyers campaign claimed in a statement. Politico and The Hill both reported the news, but downplayed the websites history. Politico only reported that the

John F. Fitzgerald

John Francis quot;Honey Fitzquot; Fitzgerald (February 11, 1863 October 2, 1950) was an American politician, father of Rose Kennedy and maternal grandfather of

Get arrested for a DUI, cover it up, then want to run for

Get arrested for a DUI, cover it up, then want to run for reelection? Should have remembered to renew your domain. I saw a post yesterday about someone buying their landlords domain and it reminded me of a similar thing I did.

Impeachment Is Destroying Democrats Townhall

Nov 24, 20190183;32;The thirdquarter contributions for the Presidents reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) exceeded $125 million. At the end of

At McCains Memorial, Tears, Laughs and Allusions to the

Aug 30, 20180183;32;He will be buried near his alma mater, the Naval Academy, in Annapolis, Md., on Sunday. up through his reelection to the Senate two years ago. With his Vietnam heroism and celebrity preceding

President Hugo Ch225;vez Campaign Vision for Venezuela

Aug 22, 20120183;32;Venezuelas President Hugo Ch225;vez is running for a third reelection this coming October. He has already released his platform. For those hoping to see Venezuela turn more democratic, this platform offers no hope. The platform is contained in a 39page document entitled, Proposal from the Fatherlands Candidate, Commander Hugo Ch225;vez.

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Biden, facing cash crunch, flips on super PAC spending

Gabbard, facing dimming House hopes, drops reelection bid and prepared fresh in an aged microwave found buried at the back of the store with preset numbered times as to which you

Trump's Chances for ReElection Are Looking Better and

Donald Trump has at least five strong historical arguments for his reelection. One, he is an incumbent. Incumbent presidents have won 14 of 19 reelection bids

A Reform Movement Grows in Brooklyn Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn

Nov 03, 20100183;32;The preelection association with John K. Press could have been explained away as cynical expediency, however any postelection embrace of the sort now on display in Eatons Brooklyn GOP hate blog The Jig is Up Atlas is sheer and unadulterated madness.

FARK (10642180) Adam Schiff gives us the sad truth

The GOP knows their jig is finally up, and if someone like Warren wins, there will be investigations and Republicans will be going to prison. This election is going to be the biggest fight for democracy since the Civil War. This will be the defining moment in all of our lives.

Statewide election back on after Wisconsin, U.S. supreme

23 hours ago0183;32;The U.S. Supreme Court order stems from three separate cases asking for various voting accommodations that were consolidated. U.S. District Judge William Conley ruled the deadline for local clerks to receive absentee ballots be extended until 4 p.m. on April 13 from the original deadline of 8 p.m. on Election Day.

2 facing charges murder charges after woman found in

12 days ago0183;32;Greenville County Sheriff's Office officials said two people have been charged after a woman was found buried in a shallow grave Tuesday afternoon in southern Greenville County.

Trump impeachment evidence overwhelming House report

Dec 04, 20190183;32;He did so by trying to quot;solicit foreign interferencequot; from Ukraine to help his 2020 reelection bid, it says. Buried within the pages of the 300

I'm not a ghost, my political rivals will be buried May 21

May 14, 20190183;32;President Peter Mutharika on Tuesday resumed his reelection bid with campaign in Salima after cancelling whistlestop meetings on Sunday

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be AliveThe Ultimate

4. We were kinda kidding when we began describing liberalism as a mental illness. Now its painfully apparent that this is literally true. The postNovember 2016 triggering has been epic. And when Trump wins reelection (as he almost certainly will), expect heads to explode.

Ron Brown (U.S. politician)

Ron Brown was born in Washington, D.C., and was raised in Harlem, New York, in a middleclass family. He was a member of an AfricanAmerican social and philanthropic organization, Jack and Jill of America. Brown attended Hunter College Elementary School and Rhodes Preparatory School. His father managed the Theresa Hotel in Harlem, where Brown

TRUMP A Premortem? Or, Death By A Thousand Cuts

Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim To return to Trump .Today is day 1075 since President Trump's inauguration in January 2017. According to the Washington Post, by December 16, 2019, he, Trump, had made a mere 15,413 false or misleading statements (otherwise known as lies). Some claim that he even lied about his father, Fred Trump's place

Original Board Game of Death Discovered in Egypt

Original Board Game of Death Discovered in Egypt. 02/08/2020. Would you like to play one of the oldest board games in the world one played by Queen Nefertari and King Tutankhamun, who was buried with five game boxes? Would you still be interested in playing if you knew it became known as the Game of Death because it was believed the souls

Joan Bennett Kennedy

Joan assumed the full campaignappearance schedule for his successful reelection in 1964. He had earlier won a special election in November 1962 to serve out the final two years of his brother John's Senate six year term; John had resigned from the U.S. Senate upon his November 1960 election

Six stories of rubble. A million stories buried underneath.

The day before he announced his 1999 bid for reelection, he stood outside Sumner Elementary School to announce his support for a major development on the empty land across the street from the school. The project Mayor Daley was there to announce was an entertainment studioa $150 million entertainment studio.

Chicago, Satans Sanctum, by L. O. CuronA Project

During the Mayors first term, one of his best friends, in the columns of his widely circulated newspaper, severely criticised his administration, but supported him for reelection, and explained in its columns, in response to an inquiry made by a correspondent just prior to the election

Judge won't postpone Wisconsin election but extends

A federal judge in Madison has refused to postpone Wisconsin's presidential primary election. But the ruling does allow the state to extend the window to vote absentee. At least three lawsuits

883 Pages of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic

12 days ago0183;32;Yikes, the text of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) has been released (full pdf below). The Senate took H.R.748 stripped it out, and replaced the text with this bill. The full 50 page senate record of the activity is available