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The valves manufactured in Italy will be complementary to the existing GWC line consisting of diversified flow control packages in a variety of alloys, trims, configurations, sizes and pressure classes, from general to severe applications.

Valve Companies, Valves Manufacturer Flomatic Valves

Valve Companies, Valve Manufacturer A Valve Manufacturing Company Flomatic 174; Corporation located in Glens Falls, upstate New York, is a manufacturer of high quality valves primarily for domestic and municipal water and wastewater applications.

Butterfly Valve Manufacturers Butterfly Valve Suppliers

Butterfly Valves. A butterfly valve is a specialized control valve used to control liquid or gas flow through pipes. The rotating disc in the valve is controlled by an exterior wheel, allowing it to

Milliken Valve Company Valve Manufacturer

Milliken 174; valves, actuators and control systems are designed and built specifically for the water, wastewater, and industrial industry. With a winning combination of commitment, experience, and innovative engineering, we provide a wide range of AWWA standard products for

Solenoid Valve Manufacturers Solenoid Valve Suppliers

Solenoid valve manufacturers make choices based on application specifications such as nature fluid/gas inside pipe (corrosiveness, hazardousness, viscosity, acidity, etc.), environment, frequency with which the pipe will be used and application standard requirements.

Henry Pratt Company Valve Manufacturer

Featured Product. Pratt AirPro Max. Pratt AirPro Max water air release (WAR) valves are now FM Approved. Learn More

Valve Manufacturers Association of America

VALVE MAGAZINE 187; VALVE Magazine Website 187; Read the Digital Edition 187; Subscribe or Renew VALVE BASICS ONLINE TRAINING 187; LEARN MORE JOIN VMA TODAY. If you are a US or Canadian valve, actuator or control manufacturer OR a US or Canadian supplier or distributor to these manufacturers, you could be eligible to join. 187; CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Top Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

Century Instrument Co. is a manufacturer of process control valves and instrumentation, such as automatic diaphragm, diaphragm control, and selfoperated temperature valves. They are located in Livonia, Missouri.

Valves Flowserve

Whether its critical, lethal, toxic or aggressive, youll find Flowserve valves doing the job around the world. Thats because extended service life, safe operation and environmental protection are at the core of every valve we manufacture.

Apollo Valves

Manufactures valves for a variety of plumbing and industrial uses many sold under the company's Apollo brand.