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Because of the high bond energy between the carbonatom and fluorineatom, the result is an excellent chemical and thermal resistance, the widest chemical resistance of any elastomeric material. We offer Rubber amp; Elastomer Products in basic stock shapes such as Sheets/ Sheeting, Slabs, Rods, Bars, Tubes/Tubing, ORings amp; ORing Cord stock.

KFlex Rubber Insulation Insulating Rubber Sheets

Elastomeric Insulating Rubber Sheets come in rectangular 4ft x 3ft sheets (12 sf/sheet). The rubber sheeting comes in 1/2quot;, 3/4quot;, and 1quot; thicknesses. KFlex Rubber Insulation Sheeting is a closed cell rubber on both sides of the sheet, making it a water vapor barrier and an ideal insulation for chillers and chilled/cold water tanks/piping.

Insulation Rubber Foam Sheet Roll Rubber sheetSponge

Insulation Rubber Foam Sheet Roll FULLCHANCE elastomeric insulations are engineered and manufactured for Fullchance and many other industrial applications. With closed cell structure Fullchancefoam insulations effectively retard heat flow and prevent condensation when properly installed.

Armacell Product Selector AP ArmaFlex, AP ArmaFlex FS

AP ArmaFlex, AP ArmaFlex FS Sheet and Roll Insulation. AP ArmaFlex and AP ArmaFex FS, the worlds most recognized brand of closedcell foam insulation, provides superior protection against thermal losses, condensation and moisture accumulation that leads to mold.

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Rubber amp; Elastomeric Sheeting. Request a Quote. We offer the following rubber sheet, roll and elastomeric materials Denver Rubber Company has over 40 years' of experience, uses the latest technologies and manufacturers in a wide range of materials. Get what you need when you need it.

Elastomeric Sheeting Tremco Sealants

Elastomeric Sheeting Uncured Neoprene Sheeting Product Description Tremco174; Elastomeric Sheeting is a thermoset material made of the highest quality uncured neoprene rubber at a

KFlex InsulSheet Rubber Sheet Insulation

KFLEX INSULSHEET is a flexible, closedcell elastomeric sheet insulation product used to conserve energy and prevent condensation on large pipes, ducts (covers), vessels, tanks and equipment. The product's closedcell structure creates exceptional thermal properties (kvalue of 0.245 at 75176;F and wvt of 0.03 permin) that protect against moisture penetration and heat loss or gain within a